À La Carte


Artisan Bread, Homemade Butter, Organic Olive Oil and Something Spreadable


Seasonal Soup 8€

Farm-grown, seasonal vegetables, carefully prepared through different techniques and presented in various textures to make the most of them

Stuffed Crunchies 12€

A crispy, and crunchy base contrasting with a consistent and creamy filling

Fish Tiradito 14€

Laminated fish served with a seasonal vinaigrette

Pick Here, and There 16€

Thinly sliced meat, gently seasoned according to chef's taste

Main Courses

There is sea 29€

An ode to the portuguese coast, where you can find the finest fish and seafood

Flesh, and Soul 28€

From the cult of meat, we edify the country through strong and refined flavours, ranging over medium to medium-rare

Earth on Earth 20€

Vegetarian dishes that prioritise organic and seasonal products delivered by small local farmers


Half Guilt 7€

Dessert where fruit is celebrated for its seasonality or through fermentation and other preservation methods

Guilty 9€

The sweetest of sweets, with no rules, and no regrets

Tasting Menu

Five moments - Price per person: 65€



Fish Dish

Meat Dish