First-person singular of the indicative of the verb Atrever (meaning to dare).

Atrever (a·tre·ver)

  1. be willing to take the risk;
  2. to be bold, to be courageous;
  3. to be adventurous, to be audacious, to be determined;
  4. to tackle.

Atrevo assumes itself as a restaurant with an ingredient cuisine. Experimental, we are influenced by the product and its seasonality. Through various techniques we restructure the flavour levels of each ingredient, elevating it and giving it different textures for a complete gastronomic experience.

We strive to collaborate with small national producers, who guarantee us the daily delivery of fresh and high-quality products, which reflects in our creations. Our wine selection follows the same logic, ensuring a range of excellent wines.

At Atrevo we are free from formalities. We claim to have a relaxed fine dining service, demystifying its classic standards and betting on a more intimate and familiar atmosphere.

Our purpose is to challenge the most curious minds and the most restless palates. Here, nothing is too bold for those who dare.


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Rua do Morgado de Mateus 49, 4000-334, Porto

Kitchen Schedule

Tuesday to Saturday, from 19h00 until 22h30


Telephone: +351 934 214 652 (call national mobile network)